Talking about – LHC –

 I realize that the LHC is looking for Bosons and such, and everyone is worried about the LHC forming, let alone finding, Blackholes.  I installed, and I am using Microsoft Research’s HDView beta to view the HD photos crested to tour the LHC from the inside.  The HDView is using a corrected sphereical projection map that looks flat when the view is not moving.  Seems to work very well.  Well some how the photographer, Peter McCready, seems to have caught, i.e. photographed, some Blackholes, even before the LHC was turned on.  HHhhmmm seems kinda anti-climatic..  I am sure it is just an artifact of the HDView plug-in, but thought it was funny to see 2 Blackholes in an image of equipment that was built to look for them (and other things as well) in the first place.

Quote "The ALICE detector’s heavy red magnet is opened up to reveal the Time Projection Chamber inside. (Peter McCready / special to"

– LHC –


Donald P. H.


  I doubt it will see one of these.

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